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Patriot Connections heads up the DOG TAG PROJECT

After the passing of POW/MIA Awareness Committee Vice President, Tony Halas in July 2014, the Dog Tags that were in their possession were turned over to Sue Quinn-Morris of Patriot Connections. (Sue was also on the POW/MIA NJ Committee, however the Committee disbanded after Tony’s passing)

Over the years Sue Quinn-Morris has reunited veterans with their dog tags and their families through research and coordination with the help of several veterans organizations.

“What we have done with this project since receiving the dog tags is to ensure that each dog tag, when welcomed, is hand delivered to the veteran, or to their family, by a veteran,” Quinn-Morris stated. “Although, in some cases, the veteran simply prefers to have their dog tags mailed to them. ”

The dog tags are returned by a veteran – brother to brother. Whether a small private hand off, or a more public return, each dog tag return is handled according to what the veteran is comfortable with.

It is essential to the Project that the dog tags are handled and delivered to the veterans and/or their families in a dignified manner. Our trusted partners aid in this – from the moment the dog tag is handed off to one of our partners, to the moment it reaches the hand of the veteran, the dog tag is well cared for and attended to, to ensure that it arrives to the veteran/family safely.

There are numerous dog tag returns underway all over the country. We welcome any help in finding the veterans/families that the dog tags belong to. The full list of dog tags can be found by clicking here

Supporters Servicing Veterans and 1st Responders

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Dog Tag Returned to Sister of Vietnam Veteran Edward Raiche


Edward Raiche, was born in New Hampshire in 1947. He went on to serve in the Army in Vietnam (1968 – 1970). Unfortunately, shortly after coming home, Edward died in a boat accident while duck hunting in Great Bay, NH. … Continue reading

Dog Tags Returned to William Queale and son of deceased Vietnam veteran, Russell Farver


Chandler, AZ. – On October 15th, 2012, USMC Vietnam Veteran, William Queale and the son of deceased Vietnam veteran, Russell Farver, were presented with a piece of the past – from nearly a half a century ago. Back in 1993, … Continue reading