Patriot Connections DOG TAG PROJECT (formerly through the POW/MIA Awareness Group) is a volunteer research organization that returns dog tags that were found in Vietnam, to veterans/families, The cost incurred in research and returning them is NEVER PASSED ON to the veterans or their family members. 

We are an independent, volunteer only organization that is in no way affiliated with the U.S. Military or government.  We do not get paid for our services. We have dog tags from several different sources. (see below for sources).

When researching/returning dog tags, we receive key identifying information from the veteran, or family. If  that matches the information on the dog tag, we make arrangements to return the item. The matching information is the "claim check" so to speak. 

There are numerous dog tag returns underway all over the country. If you believe we may have your dog tag please contact Sue Quinn-Morris at or 856-495-7270.


BOUGOURD COLLECTION - British veterans, Dean Well-River and Aaron Bougourd, have a collection of dog tags found in Vietnam in 2006. These were dug up at Bien Hoa Air Base by relatives of Major Ly Kim Thien, a South Vietnamese officer living as a refugee in Thialand. The family gave them to Aaron Bougourd who was helping Ly Kim Thien find his long lost family, in Aaron’s role as a volunteer at the Father Ray Foundation orphanage, Bang Lamun, District Thailand. He has reached out to us, and sent us some of the dog tags. Returns are currently underway for some of his dog tags.

MILLIGAN COLLECTION - This collection of dog tags (approx 400) was brought back from Vietnam in 1993, by Ray Milligan, a retired Chief of Police officer from Deptford, NJ. He had been in DaNang, Vietnam as logistics support for the medical mission called Operation Smile, a medical mission that travels the globe and performs corrective surgery for children with cleft palates or cleft lips, mostly in Third World countries. Milligan, is also a former Force Recon Marine. Over the years, he was able to return some of the dog tags with the help of some local veterans organizations in NJ. In 2010 Ray Milligan gave the dog tag collection to the POW/MIA Awareness Committee of NJ. After the death of VP Tony Halas in July 2014, the dog tag collection was given to Patriot Connections – Sue Quinn-Morris, of both the POW/MIA Awareness Committee and Patriot Connections continues to move forward with the dog tag returns from this collection. Returns are underway throughout the United States. 

HUTCHINGS COLLECTION - In December 2012, Jack Hutchings, a prominent businessman in Florida,  had been traveling on his yacht in the Solomonian Islands. There, the villagers gave him some American WWII dog tags they had found. He brought them home in hopes of getting them returned to the veterans/families. Upon returning home, he stumbled across a newspaper article in the Orlando-Sentinel about the dog tag return to USMC Vietnam veteran, James Alderman. This prompted him to contact us in hopes that we could located and return the dog tags to the veterans/families they belong to. 

SANTAYANA COLLECTION - Touring the Ho Chi Minh trail in 1998, Wall Street trader Manny Santayana stumbled onto a Vietnamese man who made a living out of extracting bombs from the ground, grinding up the metal and selling it for profit. Sometime he would stumble upon dog tags from U.S. soldiers, which he would collect and store in an ammo bag under his bed. Santayana paid him $100 for 105 dog tags and brought them back home. Over the next several years, he was able to make some returns to dog tag owners, but he eventually became too busy to continue with the research. He then enlisted the help of Senator James Beach in 2009 and gave the collection to him. The collection is stored in the NJ State House. Sue Quinn-Morris has researched and returned some of this batch.If you believe your dog tag may be in this batch, contact Sue Quinn-Morris or Sen Beach office.