Marilyn Buckman now has a piece of her husband’s past. The dog tag he wore in Vietnam.

buckmangrave1James T. Buckman was born March 16, 1950 in Kentucky. He went on to serve in Vietnam from 1970 – 1972. After returning, James married Marilyn and had two sons, Jonathon and Jason.

Sadly, at the age of 50, James passed away – May 20, 2000. He is buried in St. Josephs Cemetery in Bardstown, KY.

His dog tag made it back to the United States in 1993 with Ray Milligan, a Vietnam USMC veteran and retired police chief. Milligan was in Vietnam with a group called Operation Smile. He was there as logistics support coordinator for the project’s medical program. In the small shops lining the street outside his hotel, he saw that vendors were selling what appeared to be old, rusty American dog tags as souvenirs. He bought 350 of them and  in 2009 he gave them to the POW/MIA Awareness Committee of New Jersey to locate and return the dog tags to the veterans.

One of those dog tags, belonging to James Buckman, is now back home in the hands of his widow, Marilyn.

“After locating Buckman’s widow, his dog tag was given to Fritz Hoffman to handle the return.” Sue Quinn-Morris, Director of Research for the POW/MIA Awareness Commitee of NJ, stated.

“Fritz is the brother-in-law of one of the Delaware Valley Nam Knights of America MC Chapter members. The Nam Knights handle most of our dog tag returns.” she added.

Hoffman, a Vietnam Veteran himself,who  resides in Sheppardsville, KY made arrangements with Marilyn to return the dog tag – it was very emotional for Marilyn and we are happy to report she now has this bit of husbands history at home with her.

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