Last year, Cherry Hill Legion Riders, Ron & Carol Colucci, headed down to Texas for Ron’s Tanker Reunion. A mission before returning home to NJ was to hand off some dog tags to Rodney Mayhew of the Legion Riders in Waco, TX.

Picture3Mayhew, along with Sue Quinn-Morris of the Dog Tag Project Committee, have been working on locating the Texan Veterans that the dog tags belong to so they can be returned.

Picture3One of the dog tags belonged to Vietnam Veteran Henry Daigle. Born on July 10, 1949, Daigle served in Vietnam and was a Sgt with the US Army. Unfortunately, Henry passed away on December 17, 2005. He is buried in the Houston Natl Cemetery.

Henry’s widow, Anna Daigle, was located in Houston, TX and her husbands dog tags were returned to her.

Pictured below is the beautiful presentation case that the Waco Riders made for Henry Daigle’s dog tags.

Picture1 Picture2

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